Messe Düsseldorf, Fall 2025

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Lightweight.Construction: Materials from feather-light, multi-layered ones to low-complexity ones


Hannes Bäuerle

raumprobe | Materialbank, Stuttgart |


Lightweight construction in the world of building : with high-performance fibers, composite or sandwich materials, it is possible to plan and build in a way that minimizes the use of materials and conserves resources. 


This lecture is accredited by the AKNW with one accreditation point.

Negotiating spaces of transformation


Jan Kampshoff

Modulorbeat | Architekten, Münster |


In his lecture "Negotiating Spaces of Transformation", Jan talks about the mostly temporary projects and studies of the office modulorbeat and the idea of Urban Acupuncture as a flexible method for developing and testing test sites, simulation and discourse spaces.


This lecture is accredited by the AKNW with one accreditation point.

Tread Lightly - Scandinavian Perspective


Julian Weyer

C.F. Møller Danmark A/S, Aarhus/Berlin |


The content will be current projects on the topic, such as modular, lightweight and timber construction from Scandinavia and Germany, and the design possibilities that come with it.


This lecture is accredited by the AKNW with one accreditation point.

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